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Paquet emballage 4 papier peint OhmywallPackaging
We generally send our products in one roll and this will depend on whether you’ve ordered 1, 4 or 8 strips. The roll is wrapped in paper, covered in plastic and then boxed (size: 55 x 11 x 11 cm). All strips are in 1 roll (except for Big Panoramic).

Handling instructions in english icon-pdf.png Ohmywall_-_Handling_instructions_ENGLISH_2013.pdf

► ► ► Watch a short video on how to handle your wallpaper:

Technicals information:
Non-woven wallpaper 150 g/m2, eco-friendly, 100% vinyl-free, 100% VOC-free (volatile organic compound), flame resistant according to European Standard B, washable, colourfast, can be pasted directly onto the wall and be stripped off when dry.

1 Most user friendly wallpapers on the market.
2 Eco-friendly and 100% vinyl-free.
3 Perfect for DIY wallpaper projects because they’re incredibly easy to hang and equally as easy to remove.
4 Tear-resistant when wet, making it easier to handle while hanging.
5 Breathable, helping them endure damp, mouldy conditions.
6 Neither expands nor contracts so the size does not change from wet to dry.
7 No seams! They’re so easy to work out that they simply disappear.
8 Special blends of natural materials make them washable. They can be cleaned using mild soap and a sponge.
9 Can be removed when completely dry! Wallpaper removes in whole, dry sheets, without the use of special tools or chemicals, and leaving no mess.
10 No need to apply glue to the strips first, and then wait before hanging; with non-woven paper, spread the glue directly onto the wall and hang your wallpaper.

So easy to handle:
- Prepare the wall.
- Apply paste directly onto the wall and smooth the wallpaper directly onto it.
- Spread the paste evenly with a roller, a little over the width of the wallpaper length.
- The dimensional-stable-wallpaper can be fixed to the wall edge to edge, without soaking.
- The wallpaper should be applied vertically, from top to bottom, and smoothed with a clean, damp, soft cloth or a foam-rubber-roller from the inside out, to eliminate air bubbles.
- The length can be trimmed at the top and bottom.
- A special paste should be used for fleece-wallpaper.
- Non-woven wallpapers can be easily removed when dry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: